Touch Free Car Wash Booth

Touch Free Car Wash Booth
  • Touch Free Car Wash Booth
Product name : Touch Free Car Wash Booth
Product No. : FWD-W200A
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1、High washing efficiency. Chassis wash and spray without shampoo. It only takes 90seconds to finish washing a vehicle.

2、Safe and reliable design, employing high-pressure touch free washing mode, to avoid scratch on vehicle surface. Besides, if is of self-inspecting function.

3、No scratch of the vehicle paint, avoiding any tiny nick when using washing glove, cloth or sponge.

4、Completely wash out the oil, dust and surface oxide, besmirch and sand on the body of vehicle and other any part.

5、Good maintaining efficiency. Maintaining components in shampoo does maintenance such as wash, wax, every time washing is processing. It can improve the waxing efficiency and save above 80% material. 

6、Safe and environment-protecting. The washing shampoo is mainly composed of natural components, anti-ultraviolet radiation, non-phosphor.

Technical Parameter:

Outside dimension of washing machine


Max dimension of washable vehicle

6500×2200×2200 mm(L*W*H)

Washing time


Water consumption:

120L/car(without water treatment system)

Total power


Working power supply

380V, 50HZ  

Machine weight



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