Car Repair Bench

Car Repair Bench
  • Car Repair Bench
Product name : Car Repair Bench
Product No. : FWD-F600
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1. European working frame machine, welded with cold high alloy rectangular tubes, full plate and high intensity. Controlled by electronic hydraulic pump, the lifting frame is operated conveniently and quickly.
2. The vertical lifting frame can be used as a scissor lift, orientated safely at height from 260mm to 1600mm.
3. Frame basement can be put up, four wheels can be moveable. After fixing vehicle to frame, move them together to specified position, which can make up insufficient space and unfixing.
4. Slops with patient for driving vehicle on quickly and conveniently are widely used for holding wheels, which helps clamp vehicle needed to repair.
5. Two flexible moving pulling towers can be fixed firmly and stretched at varied direction. Imported hydraulic system has strong power and long life. 
6. Forged, modulated and heated by frequency, the metal sheets has high intensity and long life, any deformation correction is considered.
7. Main clamp jaw with patient can fix auto body, main clamp and cross-beam together with one screw. Scientific design, firm fixing and quick operation improve working efficiency greatly.
8. Retractile wheelbase coordinates measuring (PTP), the most advanced measuring system, no interrupted point, operated conveniently, laser carved scale, durable.


Frame length


Frame width  


Frame height


Max push power for pulling tower


Rated voltage                          


Working range of pulling tower         


Max load bearing       


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