360 Degree Touchless Car Wash Machine

360 Degree Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • 360 Degree Touchless Car Wash Machine
Product name : 360 Degree Touchless Car Wash Machine
Product No. : FWD-W360
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 FWD-W360 Touch free car wash machine adopts M-shaped bent arms and adjusts each spraying nozzle at right position and angle to wash the car 360 degree fully. Its size is small,so can save more space and low total consumption.


 Main Futures:

1. No brush has a touch on car body directly keep the car body from harming.

2. Two arms can move freely which provides 360°spray on the vehicle surface while using less water than other spray systems.

3. CPU electronic control panels system can easy to operate and maintain.

4. Four wash ways combination with high pressure water, wax and foams at any will.

5. High cleaning efficacy with high pressure pumps can rinse car body cleanest.

6. The space for the machine is less and keeps more energy efficiency.

7. Humanized operation panel with CPU and voice prompt during wash progress.

8. High quality control systems, motors and pumps from Japan can keep the car wash running with great performance in any conditions.

9. The frequency changer on walking system can control the running speed precisely which make the foam and water sprayed properly.

10. With on-site installation and operate training for free and long time quality guarantee to whole car wash.



Machine size(LxWxH)


Assembling range(LxW)


Moving range(LxW)


Wash type

car, jeep, coach below 10 seats

Washable car size(LxWxH)


Washing process

2 roll over shampoo wash ,2 roll over wax wash

Washing time

1'30"(2 rollover)        12-15cars/hour

Water consumption


Power consumption


Shampoo consumption


Wax consumption


Total electrical capacity




Water supply

DN25mm/Waterflow rate≥100L/min

Air pressure

0.75-0.9Mpa/Airflow rate≥0.1m³/min

Surface roughness


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