Truck Wheel Alignment

Truck Wheel Alignment
  • Truck Wheel Alignment
Product name : Truck Wheel Alignment
Product No. : FWD-A2000
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 Curved beam is suitable for super-low chassis bus measurement.
Suitable for various chassis buses measurement
Cable communication and wireless communication switch freely.
It could use wire communication and wireless communication together to measure, which guarantee the measurement heads work correctly even if without power or poor communication signal.
High quality and sensitive sensor head
Advanced 8 beam CCD measurement system forms 3600 closed measurement field to real-time monitor the aligning information. Using high accurate CCD image processing, quick response, good linearity, measurement precision could reach 0.010, also with strong ability to resist environment interference, could work outside.
Support encoding disk measurement function
Support encoding disk. It could measure wheel turning angles when make compensation runout.
Precise measurement principle
It adopts geometry center-line and thrust line principle, which make the 8 degree turning measurement without turntable.
If the power or the PC system is off, sensor head also could work for a whole day.
Sensitive LCD screen, which could make the sensor head work for a whole day even if the power or the PC system is off.
Closed self-diagnose system could discover and indicate system error and supply solution. 
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