Wheel Aligner

Wheel Aligner
  • Wheel Aligner
Product name : Wheel Aligner
Product No. : FWD-A105
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 Multi-language is suitable for various countries operation.
Low consumption allows the machine to work for a long time.
Easily learn to operate, and the customers could choose the measurement procedure according to different requirements.
High precision of Caster measurement, the precision could up to +/- 3’.
A large number of database system, 20 thousands original factory’s vehicle data provided, which guarantee the data is correct. The system will detect the new version database from manufacturer’s website, and could update the database automatically.
Questions online feedback (the computer must with internet access), when the software program has error indication, the system will collect the current information to be a report, then indicate the user to send the report to manufacturer’s mailbox, we will supply the solution within 24-48 hours when receive the email feedback.
Support Windows7 and Windows8 operation system
Professional passenger car , pickup wheel alignment, easy to operate. 8 beam CCD sensor, Zigbee communication is quick and stable. Assembled cabinet is easy to install and save transport cost.
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