Automatic Car Wash Machine with Brushes

Automatic Car Wash Machine with Brushes
  • Automatic Car Wash Machine with Brushes
Product name : Automatic Car Wash Machine with Brushes
Product No. : FWD-W300B
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    1. The rollover automatic car wash machine is suitable to any vehicle below 2m,such as car,jeep,minibus,etc.

    2. Adopting advanced European technology and streamlined design. With complete functions,including high pressure water wash,brush wash,foam wash,wax and dry.

    3. The structure is painted galvanized plate and square tube frame, avoiding corrosion to prolong the working life.

    4. Main components are famous brand to ensure safe and reliable,such as motor and switch. American foam brush are soft to protect the car paint effectively.

    5. Adopting PLC control system, user can choose or adjust different washing process according to different requirements.


Washable car size

5500 x 1950 x 2000mm (L*W*H)

Machine sizes

2500x 4100x 3100mm(L*W*H)

Rail length

10000 mm

Washing time 

4.5-6 min/car

Water consumption (no water treatment)

80-100 L⁄car

Install capacity


Power supply 


Machine weight  


Air compressor working pressure






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