Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine

Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine
  • Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine
Product name : Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine
Product No. : FWD-W300A
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 FWD-W300A adopts new-generation car model detection technology which is featured as combination of various ways of car washing and fast speed of cleaning, the profiling air-dry technology ensures the efficient drying; the combination of various ways of washing improves the washing speed; the hot-dip galvanized frame ensures a longer service time.   


Main Features:

1. Professional washes for cars, jeeps and all kinds of coaches below 10 seats;

2. Adopting advanced technology and full module design, this can be combined to more than ten different functions for different needs;

3. The main electrical components are imported from famous foreign factory, which can ensure safe and reliable;

4. Unique fault self-testing system; Waterproof motor; profiling powerful air-dry system

5. Adopting the advanced high pressure system; Pre- swing high pressure water wash does not hurt the car;

6. Hot-dip galvanizing (Zinc layer>70um) frame;

7. Maintenance-free of polymer materials roller and TN lifting mechanism;

8. Japanese EVA brushes to prevent injury car;




Machine size(LxWxH)

 2510 x 3600 x 2850mm

Rail length


Width between two rails


Washable car size(LxWxH)

5350 x 2150 x 2200 mm

Air pressure


Total power


Max operation power


Top brush power


Side brush power


Small side brush power


Conveyor power

Conveyor Traveling 0.2KWx2

Water pump power


Dryer power

3KWx2, 4kwx2

Water consumption


Washable vehicle type

Car, jeep, coach ,van under 9 seats

Washing mode

economy wash(1 time)
standard wash(2 times)

Washing liquid

shampoo&water wax

Washing time

2.8minutes for washing one time
4.5minutes for washing two times




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