Mobile Steam Car Wash Machine

Mobile Steam Car Wash Machine
  • Mobile Steam Car Wash Machine
Product name : Mobile Steam Car Wash Machine
Product No. : FWD-SW41
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1. Water-saving: 1.5-2.5L per minute water consumption,saving up to 90%.

2. Car-caring: Washing car with 60℃ water,strong detergency,no need to use chemical cleaning fluid,avoid hurting the paint.

3. Innovations: Secondary steam water mixing technology to achieve powerful momentum with less water.

4. Multi-functions: A car washing and steam engine combined with multi functions of car washing,engine washing,carpet dry cleaning and indoor cleaning.

5. Safety: With quadruple safety protections.

6. Intelligent: The functions of the machine are all intelligent and convenient for operation.

7. Durable: Brand new design,durable and reliable and less maintenance. 


Power supply--------------220V,50HZ (380V,50HZ optional)

Power-----------------------4100W (6100W optional)

Water consumption------1.5-2.5L/min

Steam pressure----------5.9 bar

Capacity of water tank-----57L

Machine size-----------------900X460X800mm

Machine weight-------------75kg

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