Single Post Car Lift for Car Wash

Single Post Car Lift for Car Wash
  • Single Post Car Lift for Car Wash
Product name : Single Post Car Lift for Car Wash
Product No. : FWD-QJY11X
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  The single-post lift combines the design features and process requirements of similar products in Europe and America, combined domestic and international user’s requirements to improve in China.


1.Need not power supply, only need to connect 5bar ~ 10bar high pressure air source can be used.

2.Lifting weights up to 2.5T-4T (inlet pressure higher, the higher the weight lifting).

3.The body and cylinder anti-corrosion and anti-rust, chrome-plated, can be used in water.

4.The machine can be installed directly in the ground, the soil backfill,30mmthickness on the ground do the hardened layer without doing waterproofing work.

5.Hydraulic buffering insurance, lift smoothly,without lift shock, without two side imbalance.

6.There will be no the risk of vehicle sudden drop, compared to other types lift more secure.

7.The upper part of the cylinder support frame can be rotated 360°.

8.After installation do not take up floor space, can improve the utilization rate per unit area, low maintenance and luxurious.

9.Maintenance is very easy,only replace the seals.

10.Particularly suitable for car wash, especially for vehicle chassis cleaning.

11.Lifting height can reach more than 1800mm.


Load Capacity:


Maxi Mum Rise:


Mini Mum Rise:


Air Operate:


Plunger Diameter:


Recommended Space:


Adaptor Length


Net Weight


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