car disc aligner

car disc aligner
  • car disc aligner
Product name : car disc aligner
Product No. : FWD-D78

FWD-D87 on car brake disc lathe is for car brake disc resurfacing easier and safer. Resurfacing can improve the performance of brake disc and shortens the braking distance to guarantee safer operation. Besides working on-car, FWD-D87 can also work off- car. Any brake disc which is unable to approach by on-car lathe, can be taken out and then lathe on FWD-D87. Only a little installation steps are new and then FWD-D87 can be shifted between on-car and off-car. That is more flexible and less labor cost.

Dual-functions on one machine is exactly excellent equipment for all customers.


Technical Parameters:


Working height min/max


Drive speed


Electrical specifications

220v/50Hz 110V/60Hz



Ambient temperature range

-25 to 50 degree

Turning accuracy


Brake disc run out


Brake disc thickness variation


Brake disc surface roughness Ra

Ra 1.5-2.0µm

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